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LiquiLoans is a Peer-to-Peer Lending platform founded by Achal Mittal and Gautam Adukia who have previously co-founded a successful rental platform ‘Rentomojo’. The company uses technology to match borrowers and lenders; and in the process eliminates the margin, which is charged by traditional banks and NBFCs, thus, making borrowing cheaper and investing a more lucrative opportunity as compared to traditional investment avenues.

The company is funded by Matrix Partners, which has invested in some of the marquee companies like OlaCabs, Practo, Quikr and Cloud Nine.

 How does it work?

·  Create an account and invest money.

·  Your money gets divided across high quality borrowers.

·  Earn consistent and high returns.

·  Compound your interest or request a withdrawal anytime.

 Why LiquiLoans?

·  Trustee and Escrow approval mechanism.

·  RBI certified NBFC.

·  Funded by Matrix Partners, Kunal Shah (Cred) etc.

 LiquiLoans Advantages:

·  Consistent returns with low risks.

·  No account opening fees.

·  Effortlessly add and withdraw money.

·  Earn monthly interest.

·  Invest lumpsum or via SIPs.

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